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 Instrumental Lessons

The Calder School curriculum includes a variety of classes and individual instruction covering a complete musicianship education and development for levels ranging from beginning to very advanced, and designed for the very earliest ages through adult. Our programs are designed to provide a systematic and comprehensive plan for the development of performance skill, technique, ear-training and sight-reading skills, and understanding of music theory.

Individual Lessons

Our individual (one-on-one) classes include beginning, intermediate and advanced instruction for ages three to adult for piano, voice, violin, viola, violoncello, guitar, flute, oboe, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, trombone, timpani, theory, harmony, composition, counterpoint and orchestration.

We do not offer instrumental group lessons, such as group piano, violin, etc., as these settings can not provide the student with the necessary individual attention for the correct execution and achievement of many of the fundamentals, such as posture, hand position, touch, tone production, rhythm, etc.