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 Music Theory

This course for students in school grades 1 through 12 is designed to supplement instrumental and vocal training and to ensure that each student’s development and understanding of music theory is maintained at a level correlating to their performance skill.

The course is laid out in three levels, A, B, and C, comprising a structure that proceeds gradually from basic concepts up through more advanced material. Each class includes a section on Ear Training, Dictation, and Music History and Appreciation.

Students currently taking instrumental or vocal lessons are encouraged to enroll. Your individual instrumental or vocal lessons cover basic and applied music theory (music theory as it relates to your specific coursework and pieces), however these one-on-one classes are more costly, and as time is therefore at a premium, the class is designed to focus on the performance, technique and sight-reading skills for your medium rather than a thorough treatment of musical theory.

Royal Academy and Certificate of Merit Evaluations

This theory course offered by the Academy is specially designed to prepare the student for the written theory portion of the MTAC Certificate of Merit and the Royal Academy of Music certification. All students intending to register for the statewide MTAC Certificate of Merit evaluation or Royal Academy of Music evaluation are required to enroll and pass the course for the appropriate theory level as administered by the Academy.


Students wishing to attend the theory course should ask their teacher at the Academy to recommend the appropriate class:

A (Preparatory, Level I, II)
B (Level III, IV, V)
C (Level VI - IX and Advanced)

Registration normally occurs in the autumn (August - October) of each year. Registration forms must be completed and submitted to the Academy, accompanied by a check for the tuition, made out to Calder Academy of Music by the registration deadline date. Please remember to write the student name and "Theory (A/B/C)" on your check.

For more information, please contact our administrative office.